What to Expect while Travelling to Africa

What to Expect while Travelling to AfricaSometimes it can be a challenge to know what to expect while travelling to Africa. Africa is a beautiful and amazing continent with the friendliest and warm-hearted people. It offers some of the most attractive land, scenery, food and people. You might be scared of myths and misconceptions heard in the West but it is quite other way around. In Africa, try not to compare the things with your homeland and be a bit liberal about the things here. This will eventually help you have a care-free and pleasurable tour.

One of the things most common things you face in Africa is the unwanted attention. Local people there stare you as you are some kind of aliens to them. Although, there are places where many tourists visit quite often, but still, people will stare at you. By staring they certainly mean no harm to you and it is just the curiosity for the most part. If you are a woman, you might be naturally frightened when a group of men stare at you, but in Africa, it is not like that. Just try to ignore the stares and enjoy the tour.

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Intro to Natural Disasters

Intro to Natural DisastersNatural disasters are the effects of a natural hazard. It negatively affects the lifestyle, the land, the economy and has long-term consequences. Natural disasters can be caused by naturally occurring events. They usually occur when the earth’s natural processes concentrate energy and then release it. In reality, they are just internal process of earth’s energy flow but when they occur, these natural processes becomes natural disasters.

They are events that lead to hardships, sufferings and awful tragedies. The consequences can be critical damage to infrastructure such as destruction of roads, bridges, buildings, houses etc. It can also result into limitless injuries and even deaths. They have negative influence on businesses as well. The cost of rebuilding the business and infrastructure is a solemn problem for the sufferers of natural disasters. The adverse effects of economy leave some of the longest-lasting trauma.

The areas affected by natural disaster are beyond repair or takes a lot of time to become liveable again. Scientists and geologists put together a lot of effort in predicting major disasters, with all the technology available, and prevent as much damage as possible.

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Truth About the Healthcare System

Despite of political influence, there are a number of facts about the healthcare industry of USA that are not unveiled to the general public. There is a need of realization that there is a desperate need of change.  You might have heard few stories unveiling the truth of the healthcare system in USA. In this article I’ll unveil the facts that may start you to wonder.

  1. The Health Care System Cost Americans around 2.8 Trillion Dollars in 2013

Under the current reforms regarding health care system in US, it costed US 2.8 trillion dollars last year. The cost is still not settled and is expected to increase every year. The ever-increasing costs of health care system and the rising profits of health are corporations have all lead to bankruptcy and personal debt.

US spend more than twice as much per person on healthcare than any other developed country, but still, the quality of treatment is well below its level.  The control of US healthcare system continues to spiral downward. With reference to a report by Health Care for America Now, five biggest United States health insurance companies ended up with a combined profit of $12.2 billion in the end of 2009 year. It is a frightening scenario to even imagine the cost being spent in the healthcare industry in the coming years.

  1. 50 million people with no health insurance

Although, US spends highest recorded budget on healthcare than any other country in the world, there are still approximately 50 million people with no health insurance at all. Many people on salaries are not able to bare the health insurance cost. According to a middle-class American Citizen, Julie Shay, the insurance firms do not realize or care about what patients are going through.

They care more about their profits rather than providing cheap treatments to the patients. There are numerous patients who do not get care and are falling through the cracks. Too much money is spent by doctors on carrying out tests which are not needed. Lot money is wasted on inefficient claims processing as well.

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Get fit with fun and enjoyment

Get fit with fun and enjoymentHitting the gym may be the best way to get your daily exercise, but it can get dull and dreary soon. I have seen many patients lose their motivation and revert to their original overweight and unhealthy state because they did not like doing the exercises.

Granted exercise is must for a fit and toned body, but it need not be monotonous. You can exercise and have fun at the same time, if you take up smart activities or sports that give your body a complete workout without your being aware of working up a sweat. Here are some routines, which I am, sure will spice up your exercise sessions and have you fit without feeling bored or stressed out.

Spice it up

Instead of signing up for a gym membership, try fun filled and physically exacting activities such as dancing, rock climbing etc., which keep you motivated and fit. Since you are happy doing these activities, it would not feel like doing exercise and you will actually put in more effort and reap the benefits.

A new activity every week will keep your body active and the circulation in peak health when compared to your regular exercise routine. The results are also much better this way. One of my clients took my advice and bought a trampoline at http://jumpsportland.com/, which she says her entire family loves to play in, while getting their daily exercise done simultaneously. Adding variety to the existing routine will help fast track your fitness goals and you would achieve them in no time.


If you love dancing, Zumba classes are ideal for your fitness routine. The dance moves in this aerobic workout include a blend of flamenco, merengue, salsa and various other dances toning your body and burning all the excess fat. As you dance to the beat, you will find that not only are these classes fun to be in, but are also highly effective. You can easily try this at home or join a Zumba class held nearby your place.

Trapeze classes

If you love the trapeze artists performing in a circus and yearn to fly like them, you can realize your dream and get toned in the process too. Indoor and outdoor trapeze schools are now available, if you are interested in such classes. The beginner classes have basic moves done on ground and after mastering them, you are taught the sky moves. Besides being fun filled, trapeze classes tone your body wonderfully. While I am not up to such activities, I surely do enjoy the nice trampoline I got a  JUMPSPORTLAND, which I have set up at my backyard. Actually, it is more effective than a walk for elderly persons.

Hula hooping

Spinning the hula-hoops may look like child’s play but this is a wonderful cardio workout that slims your thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, and tones the core muscles beautifully. Unlike the lighter children’s hoop, you will have to use a large and heavy hoop to get the benefits. You can easily shed 200 calories in half an hour with the hoops.

What Traveling Safely Really Means

The process of planning a trip is tiresome, but also necessary if you want to arrive safely to your destination. This is why I will give you some tips on how to achieve a smooth and carefree trip just by preparing in advance.

Scan all your major documents

If you get mugged or robbed while on the road, this could really save you hours of paperwork. I recommend to scan the documents you usually need, such as your passport, medical and travel insurance cards, relevant health information and driver’s license. This should be done especially if you are planning a trip to a completely new country and culture, where people might recognize you as a tourist, and ask you for your documents so they can steal it, so beware of situations like this one and never give your documents to anyone suspicious.

Map out your first drive

Some rent-a-car companies will offer you a car with GPS, but those are sometimes broken or set to a language you won’t understand, so plan your route ahead. If you plan your trip by mapping out the first drive, the drive itself is not going to be that stressful.

Upgrade your car with LED light bars

I can assure you that by doing this, you will always know where you are going, even in bad weather conditions. Quality LED light bars, like those you can find on this site, illuminate a much larger area than all the other headlights and thus make it possible to see everything that’s ahead of you. This is really helpful if you are going to drive for a long time, or during the night. Situations like that would make any person feel tired, but LED lights will help you see the road clearly and lose the fear. Bad weather conditions like fog, rain or snow will no longer be a problem.

Pack smart!

Make a checklist of all the things you are planning to take, and make sure you read through it before packing. Carry a minimum number of valuable things. If you are going to take a phone or a laptop, make sure it is packed in your carry-on bag. Also, it is a good thing to check the weather forecast, so you don’t end up pack any unnecessary clothing items.

Manage your money

If you’re traveling within your country, make sure to visit your bank before leaving. For overseas trips with different currencies, my suggestion is to exchange the money while you are still in the country, because changing money in the airport can attract muggers. Also, some ATMs have big fees, which cost Americans billions of dollars annually. Your bank’s websites have maps of ATMs so you can choose and mark locations near your destination.

Get to know the destination

Some places have strict rules about bringing prescription medications into the country, so make sure you do some research. This is just one of the things you’ll need to check before your trip. I also advise you to research the culture and the destination, since there might be things you’ll need to know in order to blend in.

Safe and Healthy Options for your Painting Project

Safe and Healthy Options for your Painting ProjectI’ve been asked by a friend whether it is okay for a pregnant woman to stay in a newly painted room. I am really not sure about what to tell her so I did a reading. Here let me share with you some things I discovered about natural paints.

Some few years ago, painting a room would mean turning on a fan, opening all windows and leaving the space for a few hours to avoid inhaling the nauseating scent of the chemical. While healthier options were available, they are often sold at a dizzying cost and didn’t offer the same effect as the unhealthy ones. I’ve attended to lots of patients who have developed asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments after being exposed to the smell of unhealthy paint products so I know they are bad to pregnant women. The effects are frightening and you certainly don’t want to put yourself or a loved one into such an ordeal.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of natural paint products for you to choose from. Almost all major paint brands will have their own healthy paints. Natural paints work equally well as their toxic counterparts. They are long-lasting, beautiful and completely free from the dangerous chemicals that can be found on conventional paint products. They work just like the traditional paint on your air compressor (click this link for more information about air compressors).

Some manufacturers even claim that their products are safe even for pregnant women or newborns. As a nurse, I would not really recommend exposing vulnerable populations (pregnant women, infants, individuals with illness, and seniors) to excessive chemical scent, even if they are said to be toxic-free. We are unsure about what chemicals could be inhaled from the paint and how it can affect the growing baby inside you. So it is still best to stay safe and keep away from newly painted rooms. As for people who have no health problems, natural paints should have no negative health effects.

Usually, natural paints cost a little over the conventional paint, but not prohibitively so. You may not be able to find them in your local hardware, but they’re pretty easy to find over the internet.

These toxic-free paint alternatives can be made from minerals, plants, clay and milk-protein. Each of these materials will have unique characteristics. If you’re not an expert and want to DIY paint project, make sure to read about the paint product before using it. If there’s one limitation with natural paints, it’s that it is offered in a limited range of colors. However, these colors have a unique depth and complexity that is difficult to achieve with the regular paints. So, you can give your room a totally natural and unique look.

Cleaning up natural paints is also easier and faster. And since they are made from natural ingredients, you can safely rinse them down the sink or discard them in the garbage – these you cannot do with latex- and oil-based paints.

Importance of Trees in Our Ecosystem and Disaster Prevention

Importance of Trees in Our Ecosystem and Disaster PreventionTrees are among the most important components in our ecosystem. They are not only important for humans but for all creatures on earth.

Having experienced the wrath of nature, I have since advocated the care for our natural resources – this includes the trees and forests. I admit, I own a log splitter at home but after the flooding I have since reduced the use of logs for my fireplace. I happened to read a nice review about my log splitter from this site so I bought it. Aside from reducing my consumption of logs, I also make sure that the logs come from sustainable forestry.

Sustainable forestry is a practice wherein new trees are replanted with every log that is cut down. This ensures that the ecology is not disturbed while providing sufficient supply for human consumption.

Trees are very helpful microorganisms.

A large tree can provide oxygen for four people for a full day. We’ve all been taught at grade school that trees provide shelter for animals, absorb carbon dioxide, and play a role in the nitrogen cycle. Many of these trees also a provide foods and goods for human use. Trees can also help prevent calamities such as landslides and floods. No question about it, trees are doing great at their job.

But we humans just tend to ignore just how important these microorganisms are. Every year, thousands of trees are cut down to supply human consumption for wood, log, paper, land area and many other purposes. Trees are often the first victims in development. Between deforestation, poor forest management, over logging, and faulty land-use policies, humans have had the most devastating impact on tree populations in the planet.

It is estimated that since the dawn of human civilization, the number of trees has almost halved. The coming of more advanced cutting tools, such as the modern log splitters, has made cutting of trees much easier.

While trees still outnumber humans, the unabated decimation of trees poses serious question for the future of our ecosystem.

TreeAs someone who has survived natural disasters, I could only hope that we start to act and find ways to conserve the remaining trees and forests. While it is true that wood or logs are basic necessities of development, we can start doing simple things that will foster more trees around the world. Instead of going for illegally logged trees, we should patronize logs that come from sustainable forestry. Better yet, you can opt for other environmental-friendly alternatives of wood.

We can also spare our forests by cutting on our consumption of paper or by choosing recycled paper. You probably didn’t know that paper composes the largest percentage of solid waste. And there are thousands of trees cut each day to produce the papers that we need. Think about this: for toilet paper alone, 27,000 trees are cut each day.

Let’s show our love for our planet by making smart choices. Although we need more sustainable solutions to this global concern, our simple contributions can have a big impact! We need every last tree in this planet. We need to act now!

My Tips for Buying a Used Car

car-448553_1280I love to travel, and I spend a lot of time in my car. So, a friend of mine recently asked me to help her around buying a used car. I am not an expert for cars and their maintenance – I know the most basic things. We looked a lot of cars together, and that inspired me to make a list of tips that you should keep in mind when you are buying a used car.

Narrow your selection. When buying a new car, the choice is smaller because it needs to fit into the budget. When buying a used car, the offer becomes much wider. Determine your budget. How much money can you actually spend on a vehicle? How much does it cost maintenance of a given’s car and whether your monthly budgets can cover these costs? These are some of the ways to narrow the selection of used cars.

Do your research. Online research will save you time and money. Find out which brand of the car you can buy for the money that you are taking and choose a few models that work best for you. Look for other people’s experiences on forums, blogs in the talks.

Go and see the car. While you can find a great offer online, you need to look the car live. Evaluate its look. I do not mean the shape of the car – that you have chosen when you narrowed your choices on particular brands. I think about the appearance of sheet metal. Check for signs of corrosion inside and outside. Check the trunk, move the upholstery to see the situation under it. If it is possible, check if the car is well preserved underneath.

Check “the health” of the car. Even if you are not an expert, a good OBD2 scanner can diagnose a used car and recommend repairs that need to be done. Repairs are an additional cost that may not fit into your budget.

Check the tires. It is clear that the markings on the tires must be good, and that reserve tire must be in good condition. Make sure, however, whether some tire has significant differences in appearance. This may indicate a problem on the car.

Try the car in driving. Check the brakes, how the car works when the engine is cold, how when it is heated. You do not need a lot of wisdom to conclude that a lot of bumping, grinding and unusual noises during the driving are not the best sign.

Take a peek under the hood. Even if you’re not an expert on cars, look under the hood has a lot to tell you. Dirty or oily areas under the hood mean that there are plenty of oils spilled. That’s not a trustworthy sign. Check hoses. They should not be brittle and with cracks.

Take the car to the mechanic. Let a qualified person check whether the car you want to buy is correct and good enough.

Personally, when I pick the car, the brand and look are less important. Safety and reliability are first on my list of requests that a used car should have. Sometimes a quick overview can tell you a lot about the car. Best is, however, when all the pieces coincide.

Boxing for Perfect Body Line and Great Condition

box-62867_1280There are some prejudices tied to boxing. It has long been known that boxing is not only a sport for men. Yet, still many of us consider boxing aggressive sport that involves a bloody fight in the ring. Hardly anyone sees potential for getting a perfect body line in boxing workouts. Yes, that’s right! Boxing training does not mean that you have to fight. But you can be sure you will be well sweated.

If by the sweat and tiredness after training, you assess how good it was, then boxing training will be at a high rank. Try to hit the punching bag for more than half a minute, and you’ll see that it’s not an easy job. Boxing training will make you exhausted, and it is actually a great way to stay in shape.

To recreate this way, you need the proper equipment. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a pair of boxing gloves, rope and most importantly – a punching bag that will provide resistance. Good punching bags you can find here.

When you purchased the equipment, it remains to begin to exercise. If you were not a fan of boxing, and you do not know kick techniques and movements, it may be best to seek advice from someone who knows how to do it. In boxing, it is very important to keep your hands in the guard position, that one hand always protects the face, to move appropriately. Yes, even if you are struggling with a bag. Only the correct position enables you to engage all muscles.

The training which will shape the perfect body should consist of warming-up, punching and kicking exercises and cooling. For warming up is necessary to do some workouts and run slowly 2 kilometers. After that, get ready by skipping over the rope. Then hit the bag. It is important to note that the target of the kicking is not a bag movement. Do not push! Kick it! Put on gloves and hit with all your strength. When hitting, both feet should be on the floor. Hitting and jumping is a physical activity, but does not give the same effect. Combined punches with arms and legs require a lot of energy , power and engagement of the entire core.

Work at intervals. A few minutes of hitting the bag replace with exercises next to the bag. Work crunches or squats. If you are a beginner, track the signals that your body sends you. Do not go overboard. If you experience an abnormally rapid heartbeat, chest pain, or you run out of the air, it’s time to slow down.

Where you need warming up, it is necessary to include cooling. Therefore, after a series of blows, jumping, and strenuous exercises, complete the training with the cooling and stretching exercises.

Besides spending a lot your calories, boxing will allow you to relieve stress in this way. Many celebrities stated that boxing is their favorite way of bringing the body into shape. Maybe we should listen to their advice.

Jobs That Read Minds

Jobs That Read MindsLife is an ever going journey. From the birth till death one takes up on this wonderful tour to experience the different aspects and colors that life has to offer to us. We live a life which is a movie in itself filled with drama, comedy, thrill, action and all other spirits of joy, sadness, and other emotions. It is a huge canvas where we paint our own pictures with colors of emotions and at the end of the day leave it for others to analyze and/or criticize it.

Every life is a story unique and beautiful in itself. It is just the perception of the viewers than defines it. How we look into the life of others not only brings forward our own perception on their lives but also projects our own mentality. Our psychology and mindset is well defined in the way of how we see others. And to study them is one of the most exciting professions in this world.

Psychologists and psycho therapists are the official people to deal with such complicated issues. So are councilors. But apart from these medically certified personals there are people who can have a taste of this wonderful opportunity to study men and women as they meet.

For starters one question comes to mind at the very beginning: “Who are these people?” They are those who come in regular contact with other people from different walks of life. For instance – say doctors. They are the God on Earth. They save our lives and walk us through difficult life risking situations and make our lives better. But then they meet so many kinds of people during their life. They come in contact with so many different types of human beings who all have different kinds of mindsets and they all open up to their doctors.

The doctors also have to understand their psychology and understand their mindset which will allows him to take a deep insight into his or her mind and thereby providing treatment to make him or her better a lot quicker. Thus, in this way the doctors get to know a lot about the different kinds of people and what they all think about, differently regarding one single thing.

Another such example is a nurse. A nurse is also a very vital part of our lives and they remain with us during our troubled times. They become a part of our lives during our journey through a medical circumstance we face in our lives. This way she can definitely know what kind of person we are. Are we a lover of violin or just a hard rock guitar fan? Http://violinreport.com/ has it all for you! They can know all about us as we love talking with them about ourselves as this makes us feel better.

Mind reading is a wonderful way to learn about the perception of different minds on a particularly singular object and thereby learn the beauty of our minds in perceiving things in their own way.

My Travel Packing List and Why You Should Consider These Items

My Travel Packing List and Why You Should Consider These ItemsIf you are about to embark on a travel (or possibly several adventure travels) and want to know of things that should accompany you in your journey, read on. Following are some great things that as a traveler, I always keep with myself, and so should you.

Master List

A master list, also works like a default checklist, is something that almost everyone who is an avid traveler will tell you to do, hence it is number one on this list. Any such list may consist of all of the items that you should take with yourself in your trip, like a pen, goggles, map, and other things. By making a list, you will be able to quickly go through all of the items with you, and if they are present or not.

If you plan to travel frequently, you should definitely make lists for different seasons. This will ease your travel woes as you won’t forget to bring your precious sunscreen during summer if you follow upon your summer list. Or you will not forget to take your gloves with you at any “chilly” destination.

There are several great smartphone apps out there that you can use to make your default list. This means that with just a few touches, you will instantly have access to all the information you desire. So in this regards, do make good use of technology and try to ditch the paper in making your list. Additionally, before having a good night sleep a day before your travel, it is advised that you go through your list.

Clothes with Multiple Purposes

My Travel Packing List and Why You Should Consider These ItemsGenerally, travelers have to be very selective about their clothing options. This is probably because clothes often occupy a lot of space in their luggage, and it is sometimes very difficult to take care of them. Therefore, form your side, it will be best if you opt for clothing items that you can wear on multiple occasions. For instance, a sweater is a great choice if you are to travel to a cooler region. You can also opt for cargo pants in which you can keep several things of choice.

Besides this, you should also be selective about the coloring of your clothes. For instance, if you are to travel to a hot destination, it will be best if you go for white clothing and ditch any black material. This will allow you to avoid extreme heat.

Keep a Toiletries Bag

One of the most important things of your travel are your toiletries. These items are often very difficult to get access to throughout your journey. Therefore, from your side, it is a must that you keep a separate bag for toiletries and make sure that every item in it is in its full quantity. Moreover, before embarking on any journey, this is one bag that you should definitely refill as it will go on to make your life easier as your travel commences.

Besides carrying regular items such as comb, toothpaste and your personal toothbrush, you should also add in other items in this bag, such as a face wash, or a perfume.

Take Ziplocs with You

Throughout our travel, often times we often find some interesting things that we love to keep with ourselves. And if you are travelling to any specific destination from where you think you will take some souvenirs home, it will be best if you take Ziplocs with you. N

Furthermore, even if you don’t intend to collect souvenirs, still Ziplocs will assist you as you might need to bring better organization to the items that you are taking with yourself. For instance, you can bundle up all your tapes, glues, rubber bands and other items separately. This will allow you to easily find them whenever you need to. You can also store some food items in them since for some time, this will surely keep them safe from spoiling.

Use Smaller Bags – such as Duffel

Often times, while travelling, people emphasize in taking large suitcases with themselves. On many occasions, these items are difficult to carry around and may cause problems if you don’t have much stuff to take with yourself. Therefore, on your behalf, even if you are taking a lot of items with you, it will be best if you opt for at least one duffel bag. Such a bag is generally easier to carry from one place to another, and you can use them to store specific items that you might require to take out in urgency.

Take your Own Swimsuit

If you intend to travel to a destination where you might want to enjoy swimming (either in the seas or in a pool), never forget to take your own swimsuit with you. This is because at many such locations, swimsuits are often very expensive as several outside travelers are looking out for them. Furthermore, swimsuits usually don’t take a lot of space, and you will most certainly place them anywhere in your luggage – with ease.

Pack an Umbrella

If your travel destination is likely to see heavy rain, it will be sensible for you to take an umbrella with you. Also, it will be wise on your behalf to check your destination’s weather forecast for the upcoming days throughout which you will be staying there. The market is full of compact umbrellas so you won’t have much trouble in finding one for yourself. Just make sure that the item can be easily accompanied in your travel, and that you don’t find it difficult to keep it in your bags.

Don’t Forget your Mobile Device Charger

A lot of us are addicted to our mobile devices and we also love to take them in our travel. But often times, we only take our device with us and not its charger. Any such mistake on your behalf may cost you dearly especially if you are out on a business trip. Therefore, from your side, you should have a prepared mind that your device’s charger as much important as the device itself.

So, if you want to encounter fewer troubles with your travel activity, take proper note of the above mentioned advice as they will surely serve you best. Additional items that should be packed carefully include medicines, a map (you can also get an app that does it), a dictionary (again, apps help) etc.

Staying Safe While Engaging in DIY Activities

Staying Safe While Engaging in DIY ActivitiesIf you think DIY is a boy’s thing, think again.

According to a recent survey some 60% of women claim to do DIY tasks at home. I wonder, what has ever happened to men’s practical skills?

About half of women nowadays say they are handier than men, and more women are likely to get their hands dirty in home improvement projects. I too found DIY tasks and home repair projects fun and fulfilling. After retiring from working as a nurse, I have had a lot of free time and so I can do DIY projects at home.

But before you even think of doing some DIY projects, there’s one important thing that you have to always put in mind – safety. While anyone can embark on DIY work, some homeowners have sustained injuries while performing these tasks. Improper handling of power tools, such as power drills, power saw, or oscillating tools (like the ones found at OscillatingToolsDepot.com), can lead to unwanted injuries. As such, it is extremely important to follow basic safety strategies.

Here are a few things that you ought to remember to stay safe while you engage in DIY activities.

  1. Do not attempt to DIY if you are alone at home. No one can help you in case you get hurt or require immediate medical attention.
  2. Do not engage in DIY tasks, especially those that require the use of power tools, if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Leave home improvement tasks if you’re physically exhausted.
  4. Keep your back straight and bend at the knees when lifting heavy objects to avoid back injury.
  5. Remove unnecessary clutter around your DIY work area to avoid tripping hazards.
  6. Make sure to use power tools and equipment that have passed quality standards. For example, you can read about genesis GMT15A oscillating tool from a review site.
  7. Carefully read the operating manual especially if you are unfamiliar with the tool. Also, never assume you know how to use a tool. It is best to read the manual!
  8. Wear the right protective gear, such as steel toe capped boots, gloves and safety goggles, depending on the DIY work you engage in.
  9. When using ladder, make sure that it is positioned in a flat surface and on a stable ground. If possible use a ladder with easy-grip treads and rubber feet for added safety.
  10. If you’re working on chemicals, such as paint, wood preservatives, varnish, anti-termites and others, be sure to read the safety labels so you are guided on how to stay safe. Usually, you will need a mask and a goggle to keep safe.

Finally, never force yourself to do DIY tasks that you aren’t comfortable doing. If the job is too tough for you, call the help of a professional. For example, electrical tasks are best left at the hands of a qualified electrician. Yes, it means paying extra but it is best to stay safe than sorry!

Why Women Should Lift Weights

weights-652484_1280You have heard so many times by now that weight lifting is good for health. During many years of working with people, I’ve heard various excuses to skip this type of activity. Among them were “I’m healthy. I do not need that! ” or “I think that lifting weights is not for women.” On this occasion, I want to break these prejudices and explain that weight lifting is not a sport that will make you less feminine. On the contrary, I have a few reasons why every woman should lift weights.

  • It affects the beauty. Weight lifting is a physical activity which, like any other, burns calories. That means that lifting weights helps you to burn fat. As we age, our muscles become flabby if we do not deal with physical activity. You must admit that it is not nice to see a woman in a sleeveless T-shirt which triceps shaking like they were made of gelatin. Lifting weights will not only burn excess fat, but it will also to shape your body. No, you will not have a huge back and look like a man. For that, you need to deal with professional bodybuilding. Recreational weight lifting will not have such effects.
  • It affects the self-confidence. When you look good, when you move with ease and maintain your balance, then your self-confidence is higher. Lifting weights increases your strength and endurance. Better self-confidence means more willingness to confront problems, to progress, to achieve your goals. So, weightlifting does not build only muscles, but also the ego.
  • It increases energy. Yes, physical activity can be tiring, but there is another side. Lifting weights increases the level of oxygen and improves circulation in all parts of your body. You feel more alive and have more energy. Therefore, it is better to start the day with exercise than with a cup of coffee. This will ensure dose of energy for the whole day. Going to a public gym in the morning is probably not something that will delight you. But there are solutions. Make a gym in your garage. Garage Gym Life website has everything you need for that.
  • It affects heart health. Weightlifting influences better blood circulation. It is quite logical that this is associated with the heart, the pump that drives the blood flow. Weight lifting reduces the level of triglycerides, bad cholesterol and affects the blood pressure lowering. All that is necessary for the strong and healthy heart. A healthy heart means a longer life. Isn’t that a good motivation to start lifting weights?
  • It prevents osteoporosis. The age does not only affect the appearance of the skin and muscle flabbiness. It has an impact to the bones. Decreasing of bone density or osteoporosis is one of the main problems of post-menopausal women. Weightlifting helps you to win this battle, and it is a reason to consider purchasing power racks. I can recommend this one: http://garagegymlife.com/best-power-rack-reviews/
  • It prevents breast cancer. Estrogen is promoting hormone of breast cancer. Exercise and weight lifting reduce estrogen levels. In other words, an exercise is a form of breast cancer prevention. Recent studies have shown that lifting weights can prevent lymphedema in women who have survived breast cancer.

Finding ways instead of excuses is always a better choice in life. There is no reason not to do something good for yourself. Today!

Why Women Should Lift Weights