What to Expect while Travelling to Africa

What to Expect while Travelling to AfricaSometimes it can be a challenge to know what to expect while travelling to Africa. Africa is a beautiful and amazing continent with the friendliest and warm-hearted people. It offers some of the most attractive land, scenery, food and people. You might be scared of myths and misconceptions heard in the West but it is quite other way around. In Africa, try not to compare the things with your homeland and be a bit liberal about the things here. This will eventually help you have a care-free and pleasurable tour.

One of the things most common things you face in Africa is the unwanted attention. Local people there stare you as you are some kind of aliens to them. Although, there are places where many tourists visit quite often, but still, people will stare at you. By staring they certainly mean no harm to you and it is just the curiosity for the most part. If you are a woman, you might be naturally frightened when a group of men stare at you, but in Africa, it is not like that. Just try to ignore the stares and enjoy the tour.

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Intro to Natural Disasters

Intro to Natural DisastersNatural disasters are the effects of a natural hazard. It negatively affects the lifestyle, the land, the economy and has long-term consequences. Natural disasters can be caused by naturally occurring events. They usually occur when the earth’s natural processes concentrate energy and then release it. In reality, they are just internal process of earth’s energy flow but when they occur, these natural processes becomes natural disasters.

They are events that lead to hardships, sufferings and awful tragedies. The consequences can be critical damage to infrastructure such as destruction of roads, bridges, buildings, houses etc. It can also result into limitless injuries and even deaths. They have negative influence on businesses as well. The cost of rebuilding the business and infrastructure is a solemn problem for the sufferers of natural disasters. The adverse effects of economy leave some of the longest-lasting trauma.

The areas affected by natural disaster are beyond repair or takes a lot of time to become liveable again. Scientists and geologists put together a lot of effort in predicting major disasters, with all the technology available, and prevent as much damage as possible.

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Truth About the Healthcare System

Despite of political influence, there are a number of facts about the healthcare industry of USA that are not unveiled to the general public. There is a need of realization that there is a desperate need of change.  You might have heard few stories unveiling the truth of the healthcare system in USA. In this article I’ll unveil the facts that may start you to wonder.

  1. The Health Care System Cost Americans around 2.8 Trillion Dollars in 2013

Under the current reforms regarding health care system in US, it costed US 2.8 trillion dollars last year. The cost is still not settled and is expected to increase every year. The ever-increasing costs of health care system and the rising profits of health are corporations have all lead to bankruptcy and personal debt.

US spend more than twice as much per person on healthcare than any other developed country, but still, the quality of treatment is well below its level.  The control of US healthcare system continues to spiral downward. With reference to a report by Health Care for America Now, five biggest United States health insurance companies ended up with a combined profit of $12.2 billion in the end of 2009 year. It is a frightening scenario to even imagine the cost being spent in the healthcare industry in the coming years.

  1. 50 million people with no health insurance

Although, US spends highest recorded budget on healthcare than any other country in the world, there are still approximately 50 million people with no health insurance at all. Many people on salaries are not able to bare the health insurance cost. According to a middle-class American Citizen, Julie Shay, the insurance firms do not realize or care about what patients are going through.

They care more about their profits rather than providing cheap treatments to the patients. There are numerous patients who do not get care and are falling through the cracks. Too much money is spent by doctors on carrying out tests which are not needed. Lot money is wasted on inefficient claims processing as well.

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Lighting and Medicine

Lighting and MedicineWhat do you think the most important thing is when treating a wound? Sure, some kind of antibiotic to kill whatever germs might have made it inside is a nice start, but it’s not the most important step in treating a wound. Neither is stitching up said wound, though that’s certainly important. If you want to treat the correct area in the first place though, the most important part of any setup is the lighting. Without proper, bright lights to guide your eyes, it’s possible to miss scrapes, scratches or other injuries which could become worse over time without treatment.

Why do you think so many doctors’ examination rooms are so very bright? It may not be a flattering kind of light, but it will certainly help them to get a better look at you, and this can be the difference between diagnosing an illness or disease and missing that one visual clue which would lead the physician to come up with a different prognosis, or diagnose something else altogether, incorrectly at that. Now, the kind of lighting used depends on your specific doctor, that office, their budget and a number of other factors. In general, look for bright LED light bars which are light, mobile and effective at illuminating a target.

Effective lighting fixtures could be even more important to dentists than doctors, since the former works predominantly in dark spaces (the inside of the mouth). These professionals especially need mobile, bright lighting, which  is why they often use swiveling spotlights and have patients lie back to get the greatest exposure to said lights. Dentists might benefit more from Whelen Light Bars than other people because of their intense need for intense spot lighting. That doesn’t mean other people won’t find them useful though – if you have something to brighten up, they will do the job wonderfully.

Proper lighting is crucial to quality health care, whether we’re talking about injuries to the body, infections, cavities or just about anything else that can go wrong for a person. Of course, lights won’t reveal everything. Some illnesses which can’t be seen or touched, like mental illnesses, won’t be any easier to see for a bright light. That should be a given, but I’m just going to say it like that anyhow, just to be sure people understand. There is no doctor or dentist who wouldn’t benefit from a bright LED light system though, and that’s the point I’m really trying to make here.

Oddly enough, bright lights will actually cause many kinds of medicine to degrade over time, which is why pills of all sorts recommend you store them in cool, dark spaces, away from intense heat and light. This is especially common with dermatological drugs which are notoriously susceptible to extreme light, temperature and moisture. These are good things to keep in mind the next time you go to visit a doctor or dentist at a physical location. If the office is bright but nothing is stored properly, that’s a huge red flag to pick yourself up and find another physician.

My New Meat Grinder

My New Meat GrinderSometimes a great, big, juicy hamburger or a delicious bit of sausage that’s been spiced just right makes a great center for a meal and an effective main dish and protein source. Now, you can get ground beef, pork, chicken and other meats from any local grocery store if you happen to live in a sizeable city, but do you ever really know what you’re getting?

I can’t count the number of times in my life that I’ve bitten into a chunk of ground meat thinking it was safe to eat, only to find a small chip or shard of bone or some other incredibly hard substance, I’m talking hard enough to  chip one of my own teeth.

Well thankfully, I only ever had that chipping bit happen to me once, but I’ve bitten into bad bits of ground meat many more times than that. It’s one of the worst experiences you can have, if you ask me. You spend hours preparing, cooking the meat, seasoning it, turning it to keep it from burning, searing it to seal in the flavors, everything. Then when the food is done you dig in, thinking everything has already been cooked to a high enough temperature, so it’s all safe to eat. One painful, tooth-splitting crunch later, you realize you can’t trust your favorite meat manufacturer as much as you thought.

What you can do is make your own ground meats. I recently picked up a meat grinder of my own after biting into another bone fragment and finally deciding I had enough of that nonsense. My STX 3000 MEGAFORCE grinds down everything I put into it, which is great when I want to grind a lot of meat in one sitting. I can freeze what I don’t use and come back to it whenever I’m looking for something that’s easy and fast when it comes to cooking. But more important than all of this, I get to decide exactly what’s going into my ground meat. Naturally, I don’t include any bones – not even little pieces.

I don’t know when this became common practice but it doesn’t seem to matter what brand I go with. Even the pricier meats aren’t immune, which was one of the main reasons I started grinding my own. Besides keeping the bones out, I can also include the exact spices I want and season my meat to my own personal tastes. This makes it so every time I have sausage, ground beef or another ground meat, it’s me cooking what I want, just for me. I almost feel a little guilty with how good it is.

Now I recommend that everyone gets a meat grinder of their own, for all the reasons I’ve outlined already. If you’re interested, then I think you should check out http://meatgrinderadviser.com/ to see more information about various types of grinders, including the one I bought. Your needs might be different, so you might want a larger or smaller one for yourself. There are many to choose from and I suggest shopping around before buying, just like anything else.

Health Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Health Benefits of MicrodermabrasionAnyone who has ever received a quality microdermabrasion or exfoliation treatment will tell you the same story: once their skin was cleaned they immediately felt an improvement, as if all the pores in the affected area could finally breathe again.

This is a common benefit attributed to microdermabrasion, but did you know the process is actually good for your health in a number of other ways as well? Dermatologists would probably be able to come up with an effective list on the drop of a dime, but for the rest of us, here are some of the health benefits you can expect from proper microdermabrasion.

A reduction in fine lines is probably the next most obvious benefit from regular microdermabrasion. Keep in mind that scraping away dead skin too often will damage the live skin beneath, so overdoing this process is never recommended. However, by regularly cleaning away that dead skin, you allow the live skin beneath to get more oxygen, water and vitamin D, all of which are nutrients it needs to remain healthy and elastic. On a related note, the process also helps to prevent early sun damage, though it will also prevent you from getting a good, natural tan if you do it too often.

I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but a buildup of dead skin is more than just ugly to look at – it could also be a potential nesting ground for all manner of disgusting and possibly dangerous bacteria. By regularly cleaning dead skin from your face and other problem areas like heels, palms, knees and more, you could help to prevent a bacterial infection or two. Now I’m not saying this is a cure for a disease or anything, but I’m also not saying that cleanliness doesn’t help to keep people from getting sick. This is an established fact.

There are other benefits worth mentioning too. For one, microdermabrasion can effectively get rid of marks left by acne, so long as they aren’t especially deep. It’s also useful for getting at blackheads and other hardened bits of dirt and oil which might be lying just under the skin. By getting to the live skin beneath, one is also able to better absorb moisturizers, which in turn helps prevent the skin from drying out in the first place. There are many machines you could use to get these results, but I personally recommend the REJUVADERRM MD PROFESSIONAL for the average consumer.

That’s cheap, effective and easy to find, three great qualities for any product to have, but are especially nice when it comes to personal care and hygiene. You don’t need to worry about hypoallergenic materials or other concerns like you would when using a number of chemical skin care treatments, which is another great benefit to going the microdermabrasion route. There are other benefits as well, though I don’t have the time to talk about all of them here. Feel free to research microdermabrasion for yourself and share any untold benefits with the rest of us if you like.

Travelling And Fitness

Travelling And FitnessBe well, be healthy, see the world I often hear people say they couldn’t visit some place they want to because of not being fit. This happens when you do not give the care your body needs. While many may think that getting a toned and fit body is not a necessary requisite to sightseeing if you are planning on trekking, climbing and other adventure sports fitness is an absolute necessity.

And even if you are just sightseeing, you need to keep up your health if you want to see as much as you can of the new places you had been dreaming of. Some of my patients don’t find any kind of difficulty health wise when they visit places around the world, as they always go to local gyms to keep themselves fit.  Some of my former patients attend BJJ and train with bubba grappling dummy, and they say it “awesome”! When you do the right exercises you can be fit, strong and healthy and hop from one country to another just as smoothly as you do your regualar routine.

When you take some time off your regular busy routine and put in the effort need to make yourself fit you are sure to have the stamina to go backpacking or just travelling around  just as you had imagined it to be.

But this is not always easy as many backpackers and travelers find it a bid struggle to maintain a the health and fitness while on road. This is because of the practical difficulties and the concept of keeping fit while travelling. I know that it is not easy to live as healthy a lifestyle as at home when you are travelling especially for a long period. But you can certainly lose some weight, get toned and find the stamina to keep up with the healthy lifestyle you aim at.

So how you manage it? Travellig is something I love to do which I couldn’t do as much as I’d have liked to do while I was working. But now I’m free to travel and have done and am doing it as often as possible now and I’m really happy about it. The health point of view is not a big issue for me because I knew my priorites and focused on my fitness and health first. Make up your mind to take up positive attitude towards improving your lifestyle. The right mindset will help you make healthy choices on your food habits, activities and restrict your unhealthy habits. Imagine yourself on a mountain resort doing yoga or swimming in a tropical island. The image is sure to rev you up and make you exercise and take more care of what you eat.

Exercise can be done in different ways. You can hit the gym daily and work out, or jog in a desert or hike through a mountain trail or even better take a massage in a tropical place. I’m sure the outdoor travel oriented exercise looks more attractive than your gym session. My early mentioned former patient find that sessions with the grappling dummy he got from http://www.grapplingdummyinsider.com/ is very satisfying and effective as taking up a martial arts class.

The best thing about travelling is you can incorporate you daily exercise in your travel if you plan it well.  There are several possibilities for physical training while travelling which you can use to keep yourself fit and see the place you want to in a healthy state of mind and body.

My First Kayaking Trip – What I Learned

My First Kayaking Trip – What I LearnedAs you know, I love nature. I am especially drawn to those powerful, wild and treacherous aspects of it. That’s why I decided to go kayaking for the first time last week. I took an organized trip in one of the amazing kayaks like these you can see on KayakOuch. It was daunting and a bit scary, but at the same time I had a lot of fun and I have many tips to share. So here is what I learned.

The importance of the equipment

One of the most important things I learned is that it is imperative you select the right kit for the weather condition you are going to be kayaking in. Some important things to include are sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for sunny weather. Wear water resistant clothes, or clothes that dry quickly, and make sure it has a lot of pockets – you can’t believe how important it is to have your equipment close at hand somewhere where it can’t fall into the water.

Also wear waterproof shoes, but avoid gloves. I made the mistake of wearing them because I thought it would be better for my hands, but they get wet right away and become cold and heavy. I was told the only gloves worth wearing are fisherman’s gloves.

Size matters (and so does the type)

If you’re going kayaking alone, it is really important to pick out one that is good for your height. Also make sure the paddle is the right size. One other thing to look out for is the type of the kayak. There are some which are meant for quick rivers and adrenalin fun, but some, like those here, are meant for fishing. Choose carefully.

Getting in the kayak  

Ok, so this one’s a bit embarrassing. You would think that getting in a kayak would be easy and simple, but yours truly managed to fall face first into the water when attempting it. To avoid my fate, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Keep the line of the kayak in your hand after you untie it
  • Set one side of your paddle into the water on the side of the kayak to steady it, or if you’re on the dock, lay your paddle somewhere close and use the dock edge for stability
  • Sit on the edge of the dock and dangle your legs into position
  • Swing one foot into the centre of the cockpit, and then quickly follow with the other
  • Once you hit the kayak, quickly crouch down, and then sit
  • Get your paddle and off you go!


Once you’re all set and ready to go, here are some tips to keep in mind concerning kayaking technique.

  • Your hands should be placed on your paddle shoulder-width apart
  • Use your whole body to rotate and manoeuvre the paddle
  • It’s all in the force of the torso, not the arms

So now you know! Although kayaking is more physically strenuous than you’d think, it’s amazing and definitely an activity I recommend!

My Favourite Ways to Relax and Unwind

Add New Post Nabeepchen.com — WordPressAs my more loyal readers know, I am extremely active and curious. I worked hard for over 20 years is the health industry, and as you can imagine, it takes a toll on you. And in my travels also, I often needed to take a break and do something that relaxes me. So I thought I would share with you all my favourite activities to do when I’m stresses out and need to relax.

My Journal and Blog

Sometimes when I’m stressed out or feel on edge, I like to unwind by writing in my journal. In time, I almost completely replaced my journal with my blog. I love writing and I find it amazing how relaxed and happy I feel after writing a post. And I’m even happier when I think about the people that read my blog. So, in a way, you all are my relaxation helpers. Thanks!


I love swimming! But for real relaxation, what I do is I go swimming alone. Sometimes I would go to the beach at night and just swim around – the silence and peace relax me, and the physical activity tires me out and eases my brain.

When I can’t go swimming on a beach, I love to swim in pools. I had a friend who had a pool at home, along with a pool heater and everything! I often came there to swim my worries away – I highly recommend it!


I absolutely love playing! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – laughter is the best medicine! Whether it’s a board game, painting or playing sports, I love the feeling of joy it gives me. My favourite things to play are badminton and Frisbee throwing in the park, interesting group board games like Alias and Pictionary, where you have to use your imagination, and finger-painting (yes, I know it’s childish, but I love it!). So if you’re feeling stressed out, get a group of friends together and play like little kids – it will really reinvigorate your body and soul.


One other thing that relaxes me immensely is nature. I love every aspect of it, and I often go for walks or hikes, at least through a nearby park. I love looking at trees and these walks through nature are often coupled with my love for photography. I sometimes sit on a park bench and take photos of everything around me, or I go for a walk in the woods and hope to spot a nice bird or some other small woodland creature. By the time I come back home, all my worries seem smaller and less significant.

So there you go – my list of activities for de-stressing and relaxing. Some of these might not suit everyone’s taste, but I think that at least one will be good for you. I listed just some of the techniques I use, but I tried to list varied ones so that everyone would benefit. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person, extrovert or introvert, active or passive, try one of these and I guarantee you’ll like it.

Rehabilitating Hands

Rehabilitating HandsInjuries to the hands and fingers can be some of the worst a person can suffer. Granted, you probably won’t die from breaking a finger or even losing the use of a hand, but have you tried to get through even one day without both of your hands? What about your main hand – the one you use for writing and performing other important tasks? It would be impossible for members of bands to make the music they do if their hands were injured, let alone for people to work video game controllers, computer keyboards, vehicle consoles and more. People need their hands.

Because they are so crucial to living a fulfilling life, special care should be taken with one’s hands. However, even with a great deal of caution, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid getting injured at some point during your life. Worse still, sometimes those injuries involve the hands, which can make them very serious. Rehabilitating injured hands is an important part of the healing process and pretty much necessary to get back the normal function. There are various ways to do this, with some methods working better than others depending on the specific injury.

Consider a broken finger, or fingers, for starters. More than the palm or the back of the hand, the fingers are used to poke, prod and interact with objects around you. Broken fingers are best rehabilitated by using them regularly, like any other broken bone. The best way to do this is arguably to take up a musical instrument – such as the trumpet, piano or any other instrument which gets all the fingers into the mix. These two tend to work better than instruments like the violin, which only really require precise movements and fingering from a single hand, rather than both.

Regular stretching of ligaments is another important part of rehabilitation. To get back a full range of motion and function from broken fingers, regularly stretching them is key. You might also consider picking up something like a squeeze ball, or a pair of smaller, metallic balls which are squeezed together in a similar fashion. These are highly useful tools for giving your fingers a workout and exercising parts of your hand which you normally use in a limited sense. They are perfect tools for rehabilitation and even if you aren’t injured, they still allow for quality exercise in a part of the body which is often ignored.

I’ve seen my share of injured hands over the years and I know how bad an injury to a hand can really be, which is why I want more people to know how important rehab is, especially for injuries of this type. While it’s possible to take care of it on your own, you can’t go wrong with getting a professional medical opinion (or multiple opinions) on what you should do specifically to restore function and mobility to your hands. Also, always be sure to check with your medical care provider before starting any new exercise regimen, especially if you’re working with injured parts.

How Meditation Helps Live Healthy and Happy Life

How Meditation Helps Live Healthy and Happy LifePerhaps you’ve read about meditation through one source or another in the past. The practice of meditation is different things to different people, with some chanting mantras continuously while others simply seek a quiet and comfortable place to mull over their thoughts in peace. Regardless of how you approach the action, the purpose behind meditation is all about clearing the mind, relaxing and finding momentary peace in a chaotic world. There are several surprising health benefits behind regular meditation, including lower average blood pressure among others which I will cover in short order.

You’ve probably heard this before in your life, but I want to start off by saying something simple and true. You must encourage yourself to try new things all the time; things like meditation, for instance, or a number of other activities you might scoff at to think of them. You never really know what you’ll enjoy until you try it first – this is true for food, drinks, activities and even other people. Unless you’re willing to experiment and try new things, you’re never going to find that one thing that really makes you happy. The advice is common enough, but the quality of it is far rarer.

We take many of our bodily actions for granted, as if they are givens, or things which just happen without any controls or efforts on our part. Respiration, perspiration and other actions all seem like nature to us, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. We all know we can take a deep breath to help relax, or meter our breathing to last longer during a run, or take quick, shallow gulps of air when doing something difficult. Just like you can affect your current health through the way you breathe, you can change things up with meditation as well.

A calm mind begets a calm body, but how do you find your way to the latter when it can be difficult to find the former in the first place? Well part of this is finding your own, private space – somewhere you won’t be interrupted by the outside world, a place which is inherently yours. Being alone with your thoughts does indeed entail finding a place to be alone, just you and your mind, so you might work through whatever it is that’s troubling you. Meditation is a key to healthy aging, but perhaps it’s more the work that goes into meditation rather than the act itself.

For instance, part of meditation is metering your breath to keep it slow and steady, not exactly shallow, but steady. This helps to lower your heart rate, which will in turn lower your blood pressure, which will in turn lead to an overall increased mood. Focusing on whatever problem has presented itself and considering the issue objectively, without any personal attachments or biases involved, is the next major step towards meditation. If you cannot do this thing, do not fret; many people struggle with this specific concept. But singularity of thought and deep introspection are vital to this process.

So you’ve found a quiet corner, you’re comfortable, your body isn’t stressed and you know exactly what’s bothering you. Are you meditating yet? Well, you might be and you might not be. Before you try starting and start questioning whether you’re doing things right, make sure to optimize your surroundings to make the experience as enlightening as possible. Find a nice temperature which isn’t too hot or too cold and let your room acclimate accordingly. Humidity is another consideration, especially if you’re the type who can’t sit still on a muggy, warm day when you just want to fan yourself off.


While you’re in your zone, consider your problem, or problems, from a number of different perspectives. Try, if you can, to see a situation from someone else’s point of view – or to try changing your own point of view, once you’ve had some quiet time to further consider circumstances. This can help you find realistic solutions to your problems, rather than having you stress over them or drown in anxiety when you can’t think of how to solve something.

Why does all of this lead to healthy aging, though? For starters, stress is pretty much a prime cause for most of the maladies a person will face in his or her life, and because meditation is so effective at reducing stress, it can be a big help when it comes to all the illnesses, sicknesses and health issues, caused by stress, which you might face if you didn’t have such self control. Plus, regardless of your current age, learning how to will yourself to a better physical state is always a useful skill. It might not do away with other pains of aging, but mental alertness and a sense of serenity can go a long way.

Speaking of its limitations, there is only so much you can expect from meditation. There is no single exercise which does everything your body and mind needs to be healthy, so you need to find the right combination of different activities to reach that level you want to reach. I recommend doing exercises at home like lifting weights and resistance training, calisthenics, climbing stairs and more. These are easy things, they don’t require special equipment, you’re already doing them every day unless you’re seriously injured and they’re things you already know how to do, because of that.

There’s something about meditation and disconnecting from your surrounding world that makes the act so peaceful. You don’t need to spend hours a day doing it to feel the effects and by all means, if you try and try and find it’s not working for you, don’t spend that time on something that’s not producing results when you already have other, proven ways to deal with your stress and anxiety. But don’t forget about meditation either, just because one or two sessions go awry. Physical health and mental health are not mutually exclusive; improving one will improve the other, so don’t neglect your mind.

Hunting for Pictures

Hunting for PicturesMany of my girlfriends don’t understand the thrill of hunting, but I think I get it very well. There’s something supremely satisfying about sneaking up on something that’s unaware, getting within feet or even inches of the target. It’s a great feeling and I rather enjoy it myself, but I don’t have to go off killing animals to get it. When I go hunting, I’m usually looking to track down great shots of wildlife, landscapes and other scenery in a place. I guess you might not call it hunting at all, though I have to do practically everything a hunter must do, just to get the quality shots I want.

I must dress the part, so I blend into my surroundings and don’t set off every deer, turkey, rabbit and another animal I’m trying to capture with my camera. I must move silently, or very quietly at least, while being willing to stop and stand still for stretches of time when I’m closing in on a good shot. I must carry lures and repellants, both to bring the animals I want to see closer as well as to keep animals I don’t want to see from nosing in on my shot. In these three ways, I’m just like a hunter stalking prey.

That aside, there are other similarities as well. I need good, solid boots that won’t slip out from under me or leave my feet open to damage – boots like these. But that doesn’t mean I can walk with a heavy heel, either – make too much noise and I won’t be able to sneak up on anything at all, you see? To be honest, most of the pictures I get are from picking an inconspicuous place and settling into it, where I then wait for some animal to walk into range. It’s quite the opposite I know, but I do still go stalking into the woods now and then, so I get to experience it from both perspectives.

It’s much easier to track animals through snow, so I do have that going for me right now. Also, just like hunters, I need to go out looking for the targets of my photographs when they are more likely to be active. That means going out at night for nocturnal animals and during the day for those which are most active when the sun is up. This means I have to research my “prey” of choice, learn its habits and figure out the best times and places to look for it when I want to find it.

Even the act of taking the picture itself is akin to lining up a target in the scope of a rifle, just before taking the shot. Photography is, for all intents and purposes, startlingly similar to hunting and in several distinct ways, all of which I’ve outlined above. Have you ever noticed how similar one activity is to another? I’d love for you to share those similarities here, or say something about what I’ve outlined, or do anything at all, really. Stay healthy.

The Best Cures for Sore Feet

The Best Cures for Sore FeetBack when I was still working at a major practice, I used to hear all sorts of complaints from patients who were in pain. Sometimes it was a dull, throbbing kind of pain and other times sharp, stabbing, intense. To this day, I find it hard to believe that so many people complained about pain in their feet. Not that I didn’t work on my feet a lot, but it’s a major source of pain for a lot of people, just like the lower back and a few other specific parts of the human body. I want to share with you today what I would tell many of my patients back then.

The foot contains more muscles than the hand, along with a comparable number of tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue that keeps everything tight and in working order. Feet can become soft with lack of use, and those muscles can become weak if they aren’t implemented regularly, which could then lead to painful walking, standing and running. This can occur from being bed-ridden by a major injury or surgery or just from working behind a desk for many hours a day over a long period of time. The best way to make any weak muscle strong again is to use it – a lot.

In many cases, I would say the best cure for sore feet is to start using them more. Try dancing, or roller skating, or something easier (and safer) like hiking to get on your feet and start making them tough once more. You can find all kinds of boots made especially for this purpose at http://www.hikingaddicts.com/, if you happened to like the hiking idea. Regardless of what you do though, you have to do something, otherwise the muscles in your feet will only continue to weaken and soften. Every muscle can atrophy if you give it the chance, and weak feet are a pain to overcome once they get to that point.

If getting enough activity isn’t the cause of the pain, then I think it’s safe to say poor posture comes up a close second for most people suffering from aching feet. Maybe they’re already on their feet all day, working an assembly line or delivering newspapers or, like I used to do, providing healthcare to patients. There’s little time to sit around on jobs like these, which is why having good posture in your body and in your shoe can have a huge impact on the way your feet feel at the end of the day. Adequate arches, sole cushioning, support and more should all be considered when you’re looking for a good work shoe.

Swelling can be painful too, especially when it is in your feet. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as poor circulation, lack of movement, not getting enough water every day, and more. If inflammation is what’s keeping you off your feet, there are all sorts of NSAIDs for handling it. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen and other drugs can reduce swelling and pain and get you back up and moving again.