Cruising But No Bruising For This Old Girl

Longboard on a beachI may have been on so many awesome adventures in my time but I have never been to hell and back. Let me explain. If you have been reading my posts on a regular basis you will have gotten a feel for my great sense of spirited adventure.

Some people may have also told you that having an adventurous spirit can sometimes be dangerous, particularly when you are an old girl like me.

Cruising with care

But the thing is this, and this may surprise some of you, I have always taken a lot more care and given just that little bit more attention to detail when embracing a new adventure. Being a full-time career nurse has had its ups and downs for me over the years. There is trauma.

But for me there is a richness of the spirit when you experience first-hand how wholesome the healing process is, particularly when your relieved patient says her good-byes and leaves the ward for the last time. Whether through the gift of nature or through life’s experiences, being a nurse trains you to take extra care.

This has allowed me to take particularly good care of myself and those that that I share my extreme adventures with. I may have had a few cuts and bruises here and there but being a nurse also has the advantage of knowledgeably applying first-aid skills on the scene of the mishap. And so here we are. Still cruising for more fun-filled escapades.

Cruising safely

And just when I thought I had seen and experienced it all before I came across a new adventure which got the adrenaline pumping once more. Simply put, this new adventurous scheme of mine is called cruising. And in the extreme unlikelihood that I should ever become bored with this new preoccupation there is also something called downhill racing.

Getting me started was as easy as snapping my fingers for the porter. Firstly, all I needed was my usual comfortable tee, jeans and sneakers.

And because this relatively new sport can be dangerous if not mastered, I needed a good, strong helmet. The one I got is light-weight and similar to those worn by hang-gliders. Safe as houses. Then there were knee-pads and elbow guards, pretty much the same accoutrements worn by your traditional and much younger skateboarders.

But the most important piece of equipment of all was what the Longboard Mafia call, well; you guessed it, a long-board. So, now I am more than adequately prepared to try my hand at the tricky art of cruising over gravel hills and dirt roads.

Downhill racing

I may be an old bat when it comes to extreme adventures but I think this sport is better suited to younger, more agile bodies. Now, this may be more dangerous (but when have I ever said no to the possibilities) but I think downhill racing on a long board may be just the thing for me.