Get fit with fun and enjoyment

Get fit with fun and enjoymentHitting the gym may be the best way to get your daily exercise, but it can get dull and dreary soon. I have seen many patients lose their motivation and revert to their original overweight and unhealthy state because they did not like doing the exercises.

Granted exercise is must for a fit and toned body, but it need not be monotonous. You can exercise and have fun at the same time, if you take up smart activities or sports that give your body a complete workout without your being aware of working up a sweat. Here are some routines, which I am, sure will spice up your exercise sessions and have you fit without feeling bored or stressed out.

Spice it up

Instead of signing up for a gym membership, try fun filled and physically exacting activities such as dancing, rock climbing etc., which keep you motivated and fit. Since you are happy doing these activities, it would not feel like doing exercise and you will actually put in more effort and reap the benefits.

A new activity every week will keep your body active and the circulation in peak health when compared to your regular exercise routine. The results are also much better this way. One of my clients took my advice and bought a trampoline at, which she says her entire family loves to play in, while getting their daily exercise done simultaneously. Adding variety to the existing routine will help fast track your fitness goals and you would achieve them in no time.


If you love dancing, Zumba classes are ideal for your fitness routine. The dance moves in this aerobic workout include a blend of flamenco, merengue, salsa and various other dances toning your body and burning all the excess fat. As you dance to the beat, you will find that not only are these classes fun to be in, but are also highly effective. You can easily try this at home or join a Zumba class held nearby your place.

Trapeze classes

If you love the trapeze artists performing in a circus and yearn to fly like them, you can realize your dream and get toned in the process too. Indoor and outdoor trapeze schools are now available, if you are interested in such classes. The beginner classes have basic moves done on ground and after mastering them, you are taught the sky moves. Besides being fun filled, trapeze classes tone your body wonderfully. While I am not up to such activities, I surely do enjoy the nice trampoline I got a  JUMPSPORTLAND, which I have set up at my backyard. Actually, it is more effective than a walk for elderly persons.

Hula hooping

Spinning the hula-hoops may look like child’s play but this is a wonderful cardio workout that slims your thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, and tones the core muscles beautifully. Unlike the lighter children’s hoop, you will have to use a large and heavy hoop to get the benefits. You can easily shed 200 calories in half an hour with the hoops.