How to Show Care for Patients

How to Show Care for PatientsIn hospitals, it is integral for doctors and nurses alike to show compassion and provide adequate care for their patients in order to make them comfortable and speed up the recovery process. A patient in pain and distress is always resistant to medical treatment as the excruciating pain makes them act irrationally. It is therefore the medical staff’s duty to handle the patient calmly and provide timely support in order to ease the pain. An effective way to show care for patients is to improve doctor-patient relation; which will help the doctor in dealing the patient with ease.

The best way to show care to patients is to educate them about their medical condition and ask their opinion and suggestions regarding the operation to be performed. This effective method boosts the patient’s confidence and incorporates a feeling of trust between the doctor and patient. Furthermore, listening to the patient’s is another way to show them that you care as it gives them an opportunity to provide feedback and helps the staff improve their services.

Another way to care for patients is to be ever present, listen to them and fulfill their need, as this helps them get comfortable and deal with their treatment.

An effective way to show care to patients is to demonstrate empathy and handle them with compassion. This helps boost the patient’s morale and shows the patient the positive intentions of the medical staff towards them and their commitment towards their work. Providing empathy can further remove complaints of malpractice as the patient is assured of the quality of treatment and that the staff understands of their condition.

Once, I had a very assuring example of difference in mentality of thinking. Back in time, when I was doing my usual job at hospital, my attention was drawn by the new nurse our hospital agreed upon for taking on practice. She was really beautiful and charming, so I decided to become acquainted with her. My short talk with her showed me that she was very accommodating, but empty inside.

At that time there was a patient who made a commotion – he gained an injury and his legs was in gypsum. Imagine yourself being a tourist in a different country, walking in the street and then suddenly waking up in the hospital. Yes, I made my research on this fellow, but me and doctor decided to give the new nurse a try to show off. As you’d imagine, Stephanie (it was her name) tried to speak up to patient, smiling, trying to charm him. That didn’t work. The patients panic level just increased.

Next was my turn. I just sat there and listened to his complaints. This man was from Latvia and he worked as a engineer at Citrus Solutions. A very good lad indeed, he was just shocked by the sudden events. Sometimes listening can be worth a thousand words.

Care and support is an important job requirement for medical staff as it helps build a positive relation with the patient. By providing timely care and treatment, recovery process of the patients is boosted and it removes any doubts about malpractice in the patient’s mind. Caring for the patient also helps build trust which goes a long way in the treatment of the patient as they are less resistance to the treatments being provided by the doctors. It is therefore important for all medical personnel to show genuine concern and care towards their patients in all matters.