Importance of Trees in Our Ecosystem and Disaster Prevention

Importance of Trees in Our Ecosystem and Disaster PreventionTrees are among the most important components in our ecosystem. They are not only important for humans but for all creatures on earth.

Having experienced the wrath of nature, I have since advocated the care for our natural resources – this includes the trees and forests. I admit, I own a log splitter at home but after the flooding I have since reduced the use of logs for my fireplace. I happened to read a nice review about my log splitter from this site so I bought it. Aside from reducing my consumption of logs, I also make sure that the logs come from sustainable forestry.

Sustainable forestry is a practice wherein new trees are replanted with every log that is cut down. This ensures that the ecology is not disturbed while providing sufficient supply for human consumption.

Trees are very helpful microorganisms.

A large tree can provide oxygen for four people for a full day. We’ve all been taught at grade school that trees provide shelter for animals, absorb carbon dioxide, and play a role in the nitrogen cycle. Many of these trees also a provide foods and goods for human use. Trees can also help prevent calamities such as landslides and floods. No question about it, trees are doing great at their job.

But we humans just tend to ignore just how important these microorganisms are. Every year, thousands of trees are cut down to supply human consumption for wood, log, paper, land area and many other purposes. Trees are often the first victims in development. Between deforestation, poor forest management, over logging, and faulty land-use policies, humans have had the most devastating impact on tree populations in the planet.

It is estimated that since the dawn of human civilization, the number of trees has almost halved. The coming of more advanced cutting tools, such as the modern log splitters, has made cutting of trees much easier.

While trees still outnumber humans, the unabated decimation of trees poses serious question for the future of our ecosystem.

TreeAs someone who has survived natural disasters, I could only hope that we start to act and find ways to conserve the remaining trees and forests. While it is true that wood or logs are basic necessities of development, we can start doing simple things that will foster more trees around the world. Instead of going for illegally logged trees, we should patronize logs that come from sustainable forestry. Better yet, you can opt for other environmental-friendly alternatives of wood.

We can also spare our forests by cutting on our consumption of paper or by choosing recycled paper. You probably didn’t know that paper composes the largest percentage of solid waste. And there are thousands of trees cut each day to produce the papers that we need. Think about this: for toilet paper alone, 27,000 trees are cut each day.

Let’s show our love for our planet by making smart choices. Although we need more sustainable solutions to this global concern, our simple contributions can have a big impact! We need every last tree in this planet. We need to act now!