Exciting Outdoor Activities

Exciting Outdoor ActivitiesA woman in my years has learned a few things in her life. Today, I see that the excitement of going out with friends and loved ones has dwindled over the years as more and more people prefer to stay indoors during their free time. The urge to settle in with a hot beverage and an individual’s favorite program has become a popular a popular characteristic in many individuals’ lives and people hardly consider leaving the house to have fun unless it’s a simple journey such as visiting a popular restaurant close to their environments.

Though there is nothing wrong with the aforementioned activities, outdoor functions should not be overlooked in the process as they offer a more active role in an individual’s schedule and come with additional advantages such as the maintenance of fitness which leads to an overall improvement of one’s health. There are a number of fun activities that one is able to enjoy within their environments and some of these include:

Camp Sites

These are some of the best places to visit when one wants to spend a few days with friends and family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Camp sites offer a lot of activities depending on the particular site and can serve as practical lessons for activities such as outdoor cooking and lighting a camp fire, which are functions that not many people are acquainted with. Some sites also offer fishing sites and all one needs is a good fish finder found at FISHINGGADGETSHUB to provide supper at the end of the day. The numerous camping activities such as setting up the tents that will be used serve as bonding methods that allows one to grow closer to the individuals they are participating in these activities with.

Water Sports

Swimming is not only a fun way to pass the time but an essential skill that may be required by an individual at some point in time. One is able to find a number of public pools where they are able to enjoy themselves as well as improve on their swimming capabilities in the process. This is a fun way for those who may enjoy water based activities that do not involve the need of items such as fishing gadgets found at this page to take part in. Swimming is also a good way of staying fit and improving on one’s health as the activity can be considered to be a form of exercise.

Paintball Competitions

This is an especially fun activity for those who may be spending time with their children and is a good way to pass the time outdoors. The introduction of new games into the market that operate on a virtual platform means that most children have forgotten about this activity but it is still a wonderful way to while away the afternoon with thrills and excitement that cannot be enjoyed within the house. It should be noted that this particular activity is not exactly available to children of all ages and adequate gear will be needed by those participating in the games to prevent any unfortunate accidents from taking place. The paintballs can be quite painful upon impact if one is not adequately dressed for the occasion.

Health Benefits of Maintaining Aquarium & Its Therapeutic Effects

Health Benefits of Maintaining AquariumIt is not just medical therapy or surgery that heals patients but tender loving care and the content feeling they get when they are free of stress and anxiety. During my busy days, I’ve met many such people who will not respond to the best medicines and surgery, but get well by other simpler and less invasive means. For instance, when I’m stressed I take a cup of herbal tea. It is very relaxing and is healthy too.  Some take a vacation to be away from the stressful situation. And some keep an aquarium. Yes, gazing at fish in an aquarium reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. While many of you might think it is impossible to get rid of stress just by watching fish, this has helped many of my patients.

Fish for stress

There have been many studies on the effect of aquariums with and without fish and on hypnosis vs aquarium. People who had aquariums in their homes have reduced levels of blood pressure. And the most effective aquariums were those which had fish against the fishless but beautifully decorated aquariums. It has been proved that just watching videos of fish give therapeutic effects.

Profound benefits

Elderly people who had an aquarium set up at home with fish showed marked lowering of blood pressure. Even children especially those suffering from conditions such as ADHD find it calming. Aquarium is commonly found in dental clinics because of the soothing effect the fish have on the waiting patients.

Studies reveal that patients required less medication for pain after being exposed to the fish in the aquarium.  This is the reason why many physicians, hospitals, and counselors have aquarium in their waiting rooms. When maintained in proper condition these aquariums are of great help. Large aquariums especially benefit with the canister filters available here.

Increasing memory

People with Alzheimer’s especially benefit more from the aquarium. Their appetite improved and they required fewer supplements when the aquarium was present in the dining room. The incidences of aggressive behaviors too reduced markedly when they were exposed to the aquarium therapy.

Space issues

If you have very little space to accommodate an aquarium, even mini aquariums will suffice. Eclipse style aquariums are apt for students and seniors with space constraints. If this too is not possible, you can also have a DVD or video of aquarium fish. This does not need any maintenance and is cheap too. You can get the DVD or videos at very cheap prices and a DVD player has become a common household device. So if an aquarium is not your cup of tea, you can very well sit and watch the videos of aquarium fish and feel the stress leave you.

While there are certainly more effective methods available, having an aquarium and maintaining it is a great way to spend your free time with the various benefits you get out of it. Since stress is the root cause of many ailments, this surely helps everyone in the family.

Pros and Cons of Alternative Medicine

Pros and Cons of Alternative MedicineDuring my years in the health industry, I’ve often come across patients who ask me about using alternative medicine and their effectiveness. In my experience, not all alternative therapies are effective. In general, alternative medicine, whether you use acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, or tai chi they are created to bring back the right balance to the body. In theory, a well-balanced and harmonious body implies your good health is restored. What I tell my patients is that this balance principle should be kept in mind, while considering an alternative therapy for them or their loved ones.

Each alternative therapy has some beneficial aspects and works well in certain specific conditions and the effectiveness of treatment depends on the individual body build too.

As such, there are many advantages of using alternative or complementary medicine. They help in a wide range of conditions but at the same time, you should also take care. Before you start on an alternative therapy here are some important pros and cons you should know about.


Mind and Body

Alternative therapy concentrates on treating a person as a whole entity rather than just the condition he is suffering from. According to the alterative therapists, body and mind are linked closely and it is important for a person to be of spiritual and emotional health to get a physical cure.

Thus, the therapists recommend patients to lead a normal and healthy life and focus on the actual cause of disease that caused the imbalance.

The various advanced treatment methods have served to distance doctors from the parts of a patient that are healthy. One key difference that exists between conventional and alternative medicine is the whole body emphasis that alternative medicine therapists employ. They address the entire physical, spiritual, and emotional part of a person. This is one main reason for alternative medicine to gain popularity in recent years.


One of the leading causes for many of the health issues we face is stress. It causes our immune system to weaken. This is not much heeded to by conventional medicine when treatments are prescribed. But alternative therapists first help you to relax and unwind, so your stress and tension are reduced. This helps to fight the illness more strongly and get good results.

Prevention is better than cure

Yes, this proverb is applied well in alternative medicine. Prevention is considered as a key prerequisite for good health. Alternative medicine helps patients on treading a proper path, so illnesses are prevented before they form. It also encourages people to take care of their mind and body constantly.

While conventional medicine intervenes after an illness has made its appearance, alternative medicine uses a holistic and preventive approach, and guides patients to take up a responsible and healthy lifestyle. Several of the alternative medicine patients have what is called as well visit treatments, which focus on disease prevention before it rears its head in addition to treatment, when the illness occurs.


The medicines used in conventional treatment methods including antibiotics can kill the beneficial bacteria needed for our existence. This can cause great damage to the intestinal flora. However, alternative medicine does not have any such harmful effects.

Chemical and toxins

While conventional medicine overloads patients with medication causing heavy buildup of harmful toxins, alternative medicine treats patients in a harmless and effective way. Take for instance the various chemicals used for beauty treatments. Most of them contain harmful substances. But some treatments like dermabrasion are noninvasive and help in rejuvenation of skin making you look bright and young.

Personal care

Due to the whole body emphasis of alternative therapists, they offer a more personal attention to their patients. While traditional physicians are under pressure with the packed waiting areas and insurance companies breathing down their neck, alternative practitioners have entirely different philosophies as well as fee structures. As a result, they give a better level of attention and focus.


Limited research available

Most of the alternative therapies in use now have not been proved scientifically. The questions that have not yet been answered by these forms are numerous. But several studies are being conducted on the safety and efficacy of these therapies.

Chronic treatment methods

The main advantage of conventional medicine is they act immediately. If for instance you have a cough, taking conventional medicine cures it in a few days. But with alternative medicine you may have to take medication for weeks and follow a strict diet that is recommended. ‘

The longer period is because alternative treatments focus on treating and eliminating the cause of a problem. This needs more time and hence an instant cure is not possible. A patient needs to comply with the treatment in a dedicated manner and change his lifestyle all of which need long-term adjustments on the part of the patient.


A majority of alternative medicine therapies has not received approval from the government and insurance companies do not provide cover for such treatments.

Treating emergencies

In case of emergency, alternative medicine cannot provide any cure. For instance, in a car accident or other such emergencies, which need immediate relief from pain or an emergency operation, it is necessary to use conventional treatment methods. For persons with sports injuries such as wrist and hand injury rehabilitating hands needs special care and attention that only conventional medicine can provide.

Effective results

Alternative therapies are not effective on all persons. What works in a particular individual cannot necessarily work on another. Therefore, if you are persistent on following a therapy that you don’t understand fully or does not work for you, it may cause you unending harm.

Confusing safety guarantee

Most often, you can see the words safe and natural used in marketing medicines or treatments. Most of the supplements, as well as herbal remedies, come under alternative therapy only. These are falsely labeled as natural, which consumers mistake for safety. Any product that promises miracle cure or claims having secret ingredients should be viewed with suspicion and avoided.

Dangerous interaction

Sometimes the herbs and supplements are added with artificial substances that can trigger an allergic reaction or interact with your prescription or over the counter medication. At times, these medicines also have side effects.

The advice I keep giving to my former patients is that they should consider all the pros and cons and decide on the treatment to avoid serious repercussions.


Karaoke is Good For You

Karaoke is Good For YouSinging what a better way to relieve stress or express happiness! Everyone is always looking for a way to have fun while at home and with a good group of friends. What is a better way to do that than karaoke machines? These have been a staple at parties for many years and their popularity only increases. They are the focal point of parties and great way to unwind. It seems to bring the best out of people and allow them to sing their favorite songs anyway they wish. Have you ever been to a boring karaoke party or bar? I didn’t think so either; they can be hours and hours of entertainment with friends and family.

Karaoke bars are one thing but something about someone with their own will make them the hot topic for parties and events. Who doesn’t want a party of people singing their favorite songs? To have one at your home, is to have something that will always be able to bring joy to the house. Even if your uncle isn’t the best singer, at least it will be funny to see him get up there and belt out a ballad. Or if you want to make money, people will gladly pay for someone to bring a karaoke as a source of constant entertainment. Either way, whether for business or pleasure, or both, machines like those at KaraokeIsle are a great and fun way to unwind sometime.

Although these are highly popular, picking one that is right for you may be a little hard. That is why there are many karaoke machine reviews to help you wade through the best and worst options for you. No matter your budget or purpose, surely there is one made for your needs. With a bit of research you can have this fun and enjoyable item that is well worth the cost.

The value is more than money; it will be a way for families to connect through their favorite songs and music. Even if you don’t remember the words or don’t have the best voice, it’s okay. It is only for fun and will keep a smile on everyone’s face. Also it would be a great way to practice singing if you are doing it for that, you can get the songs you want to practice and put them in your machine. Whatever your reason it will be a good addition to your home.

If you are in the market for one of these great sources of entertainment, looking around and doing research is your friend. You would want to get the most for what you pay and you will. Be sure to look for availability of songs, pricing and any sales they may have. At the end of the day it is about having a good time and seeing all those people smile all the while. Be the source of hours of entertainment and joy for the people you know and love. Get a karaoke machine and party like a rock star!

Stay Cool In a Pool

Karaoke is Good For YouSummer’s here! There’s nothing like barbecues, sun and swimming around. This is the time to get you into a nice cool and refreshing pool. Some are keener to it but I think everyone can agree that swimming is a relaxing and fun way to spend time in the summer. Whether lounging on a floating chair, playing with the kids or swimming for exercise there are so many reason to own a pool.

This time of year always reminds me how much I love swimming! You go the rest of the year with cooler temperatures and hardly think about how nice it is to be immersed in water. There are so many benefits to swimming. The weightlessness and the relaxing nature of it, is always enticing. It is also a great form of exercise because of the amount of movements you can perform. I always loved to spend hours in the pool swimming laps and realizing that something that has felt so easy has actually been a workout the whole time. Now while not everyone’s main focus in the pool, it is definitely one that you cannot overlook.  The ability to have a pool at your leisure is definitely a life saver during those very hot days.

While not everyone has the luxury to year round access to a swimming facility at least this time of year you are able take a dip when you want to. That is of course if you have a pool. When it comes to affordable pool options, above ground pools always come to mind. Of course, you want to get the best for what you pay and you should! Online there are many pool reviews available to help you determine which pool is best for you and your family. Also don’t forget your wallet, you want to get the best pool without breaking the bank and that is very important, as you will only being using it for a few months out of the year.

Next you’ll want to determine a depth and size that is good for you and your family. They come in all shapes and sizes which is very convenient as everyone has different desires. Here is a great buying guide. Some pools require more, some require less. Some need special care and some are very simple to set up and maintain. Of course, your needs are a factor as well, what you use it for will influence what kind of pool you get.  Through some research and talking it through with your family it will become apparent as to what is good for you all.

Pools while not an absolute necessity are most definitely a welcome site at family functions, barbecues, parties, and as a safe haven from heat. If you think about the many times you will use it, the great memories that will be had there, and how it will add to your home, the decision will become easier. They are a great addition to any home that is looking to stay cool in the pool!

My Favorite Ways to Get and Stay Fit

My Favorite Ways to Get and Stay FitAre you trying to get in shape? Trying to get that summer body that impresses at the beach or just get fit? There are many ways to obtain this; it just all depends on what you want and how bad you want it. Here are some tips for you to become stronger, faster, and leaner.


This is number one! A healthy diet is the cornerstone to a functional and fit body that is able to strive for exercise. You need to give your body healthy and correct quantities of the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs to succeed. It is essential that you understand that the body is a machine that needs fuel to move and grow. So think of good fuel as high grade and bad food as low grade, as far as energy goes.

The body needs water first and foremost without water the body functions at a much lower level of energy and doesn’t reach its capabilities. You should drink around 3 liters a day, depending on your bodyweight.

Secondly, a high dose of protein is needed to grow and perform these high energy tasks. You can get protein from many sources including fish, chicken, beef, and beans. Some people choose protein supplements (like those for women at http://monicashealthmag.com) because they lack time to eat enough from a food source. This completely fine, so long as you get the protein needed.

Third is fiber, fiber is essential because it aids in digestion of all the food your body will require.  This allows the body to get rid of the waste by product in a quick and concise manner. People often don’t think of this as often but it is very important that you rid your body of the garbage and allow for the new food to be absorbed quickly.


Exercise is next on the list. These can vary from routine to routine and depends on what you want to achieve. Want to be stronger? Maybe weight training is for you. Want to be leaner? A cardio intensive program like jogging or yoga might be what you need. These vary greatly but all have one thing in common; they get your body moving! Make sure you stay active, this is essential. You must find time in the day to walk, jump, push up, pull up and push your body to the limits.

If you want to achieve something you must be willing to do what you’ve never done before. This means changing your lifestyle, by eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good ones like exercise. The transition may be hard but once you start you will wonder why you haven’t started sooner. Exercise regimens are quite easy to find and will get you on the right track for your fitness. Just find one you like and stick with it!

This may seem like a lot but in all actuality this is very minimal for the amount of benefits you will receive when you start on your journey to being fit. A little hard work pays off and it won’t happen in a day but no matter what you do, keep going. You will slip up and you will fall out of the groove but it’s okay everyone does, just keep it up, you got it!

Lighting and Medicine

Lighting and MedicineWhat do you think the most important thing is when treating a wound? Sure, some kind of antibiotic to kill whatever germs might have made it inside is a nice start, but it’s not the most important step in treating a wound. Neither is stitching up said wound, though that’s certainly important. If you want to treat the correct area in the first place though, the most important part of any setup is the lighting. Without proper, bright lights to guide your eyes, it’s possible to miss scrapes, scratches or other injuries which could become worse over time without treatment.

Why do you think so many doctors’ examination rooms are so very bright? It may not be a flattering kind of light, but it will certainly help them to get a better look at you, and this can be the difference between diagnosing an illness or disease and missing that one visual clue which would lead the physician to come up with a different prognosis, or diagnose something else altogether, incorrectly at that. Now, the kind of lighting used depends on your specific doctor, that office, their budget and a number of other factors. In general, look for bright LED light bars which are light, mobile and effective at illuminating a target.

Effective lighting fixtures could be even more important to dentists than doctors, since the former works predominantly in dark spaces (the inside of the mouth). These professionals especially need mobile, bright lighting, which  is why they often use swiveling spotlights and have patients lie back to get the greatest exposure to said lights. Dentists might benefit more from Whelen Light Bars than other people because of their intense need for intense spot lighting. That doesn’t mean other people won’t find them useful though – if you have something to brighten up, they will do the job wonderfully.

Lighting and MedicineProper lighting is crucial to quality health care, whether we’re talking about injuries to the body, infections, cavities or just about anything else that can go wrong for a person. Of course, lights won’t reveal everything. Some illnesses which can’t be seen or touched, like mental illnesses, won’t be any easier to see for a bright light. That should be a given, but I’m just going to say it like that anyhow, just to be sure people understand. There is no doctor or dentist who wouldn’t benefit from a bright LED light system though, and that’s the point I’m really trying to make here.

Oddly enough, bright lights will actually cause many kinds of medicine to degrade over time, which is why pills of all sorts recommend you store them in cool, dark spaces, away from intense heat and light. This is especially common with dermatological drugs which are notoriously susceptible to extreme light, temperature and moisture. These are good things to keep in mind the next time you go to visit a doctor or dentist at a physical location. If the office is bright but nothing is stored properly, that’s a huge red flag to pick yourself up and find another physician.

My New Meat Grinder

My New Meat GrinderSometimes a great, big, juicy hamburger or a delicious bit of sausage that’s been spiced just right makes a great center for a meal and an effective main dish and protein source. Now, you can get ground beef, pork, chicken and other meats from any local grocery store if you happen to live in a sizeable city, but do you ever really know what you’re getting?

I can’t count the number of times in my life that I’ve bitten into a chunk of ground meat thinking it was safe to eat, only to find a small chip or shard of bone or some other incredibly hard substance, I’m talking hard enough to  chip one of my own teeth.

Well thankfully, I only ever had that chipping bit happen to me once, but I’ve bitten into bad bits of ground meat many more times than that. It’s one of the worst experiences you can have, if you ask me. You spend hours preparing, cooking the meat, seasoning it, turning it to keep it from burning, searing it to seal in the flavors, everything. Then when the food is done you dig in, thinking everything has already been cooked to a high enough temperature, so it’s all safe to eat. One painful, tooth-splitting crunch later, you realize you can’t trust your favorite meat manufacturer as much as you thought.

What you can do is make your own ground meats. I recently picked up a meat grinder of my own after biting into another bone fragment and finally deciding I had enough of that nonsense. My STX 3000 MEGAFORCE grinds down everything I put into it, which is great when I want to grind a lot of meat in one sitting. I can freeze what I don’t use and come back to it whenever I’m looking for something that’s easy and fast when it comes to cooking. But more important than all of this, I get to decide exactly what’s going into my ground meat. Naturally, I don’t include any bones – not even little pieces.

I don’t know when this became common practice but it doesn’t seem to matter what brand I go with. Even the pricier meats aren’t immune, which was one of the main reasons I started grinding my own. Besides keeping the bones out, I can also include the exact spices I want and season my meat to my own personal tastes. This makes it so every time I have sausage, ground beef or another ground meat, it’s me cooking what I want, just for me. I almost feel a little guilty with how good it is.

Now I recommend that everyone gets a meat grinder of their own, for all the reasons I’ve outlined already. If you’re interested, then I think you should check out http://meatgrinderadviser.com/ to see more information about various types of grinders, including the one I bought. Your needs might be different, so you might want a larger or smaller one for yourself. There are many to choose from and I suggest shopping around before buying, just like anything else.

Health Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Health Benefits of MicrodermabrasionAnyone who has ever received a quality microdermabrasion or exfoliation treatment will tell you the same story: once their skin was cleaned they immediately felt an improvement, as if all the pores in the affected area could finally breathe again.

This is a common benefit attributed to microdermabrasion, but did you know the process is actually good for your health in a number of other ways as well? Dermatologists would probably be able to come up with an effective list on the drop of a dime, but for the rest of us, here are some of the health benefits you can expect from proper microdermabrasion.

A reduction in fine lines is probably the next most obvious benefit from regular microdermabrasion. Keep in mind that scraping away dead skin too often will damage the live skin beneath, so overdoing this process is never recommended. However, by regularly cleaning away that dead skin, you allow the live skin beneath to get more oxygen, water and vitamin D, all of which are nutrients it needs to remain healthy and elastic. On a related note, the process also helps to prevent early sun damage, though it will also prevent you from getting a good, natural tan if you do it too often.

I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but a buildup of dead skin is more than just ugly to look at – it could also be a potential nesting ground for all manner of disgusting and possibly dangerous bacteria. By regularly cleaning dead skin from your face and other problem areas like heels, palms, knees and more, you could help to prevent a bacterial infection or two. Now I’m not saying this is a cure for a disease or anything, but I’m also not saying that cleanliness doesn’t help to keep people from getting sick. This is an established fact.

There are other benefits worth mentioning too. For one, microdermabrasion can effectively get rid of marks left by acne, so long as they aren’t especially deep. It’s also useful for getting at blackheads and other hardened bits of dirt and oil which might be lying just under the skin. By getting to the live skin beneath, one is also able to better absorb moisturizers, which in turn helps prevent the skin from drying out in the first place. There are many machines you could use to get these results, but I personally recommend the REJUVADERRM MD PROFESSIONAL for the average consumer.

That’s cheap, effective and easy to find, three great qualities for any product to have, but are especially nice when it comes to personal care and hygiene. You don’t need to worry about hypoallergenic materials or other concerns like you would when using a number of chemical skin care treatments, which is another great benefit to going the microdermabrasion route. There are other benefits as well, though I don’t have the time to talk about all of them here. Feel free to research microdermabrasion for yourself and share any untold benefits with the rest of us if you like.

Travelling And Fitness

Travelling And FitnessBe well, be healthy, see the world I often hear people say they couldn’t visit some place they want to because of not being fit. This happens when you do not give the care your body needs. While many may think that getting a toned and fit body is not a necessary requisite to sightseeing if you are planning on trekking, climbing and other adventure sports fitness is an absolute necessity.

And even if you are just sightseeing, you need to keep up your health if you want to see as much as you can of the new places you had been dreaming of. Some of my patients don’t find any kind of difficulty health wise when they visit places around the world, as they always go to local gyms to keep themselves fit.  Some of my former patients attend BJJ and train with bubba grappling dummy, and they say it “awesome”! When you do the right exercises you can be fit, strong and healthy and hop from one country to another just as smoothly as you do your regualar routine.

When you take some time off your regular busy routine and put in the effort need to make yourself fit you are sure to have the stamina to go backpacking or just travelling around  just as you had imagined it to be.

But this is not always easy as many backpackers and travelers find it a bid struggle to maintain a the health and fitness while on road. This is because of the practical difficulties and the concept of keeping fit while travelling. I know that it is not easy to live as healthy a lifestyle as at home when you are travelling especially for a long period. But you can certainly lose some weight, get toned and find the stamina to keep up with the healthy lifestyle you aim at.

So how you manage it? Travellig is something I love to do which I couldn’t do as much as I’d have liked to do while I was working. But now I’m free to travel and have done and am doing it as often as possible now and I’m really happy about it. The health point of view is not a big issue for me because I knew my priorites and focused on my fitness and health first. Make up your mind to take up positive attitude towards improving your lifestyle. The right mindset will help you make healthy choices on your food habits, activities and restrict your unhealthy habits. Imagine yourself on a mountain resort doing yoga or swimming in a tropical island. The image is sure to rev you up and make you exercise and take more care of what you eat.

Exercise can be done in different ways. You can hit the gym daily and work out, or jog in a desert or hike through a mountain trail or even better take a massage in a tropical place. I’m sure the outdoor travel oriented exercise looks more attractive than your gym session. My early mentioned former patient find that sessions with the grappling dummy he got from http://www.grapplingdummyinsider.com/ is very satisfying and effective as taking up a martial arts class.

The best thing about travelling is you can incorporate you daily exercise in your travel if you plan it well.  There are several possibilities for physical training while travelling which you can use to keep yourself fit and see the place you want to in a healthy state of mind and body.