Safe and Healthy Options for your Painting Project

Safe and Healthy Options for your Painting ProjectI’ve been asked by a friend whether it is okay for a pregnant woman to stay in a newly painted room. I am really not sure about what to tell her so I did a reading. Here let me share with you some things I discovered about natural paints.

Some few years ago, painting a room would mean turning on a fan, opening all windows and leaving the space for a few hours to avoid inhaling the nauseating scent of the chemical. While healthier options were available, they are often sold at a dizzying cost and didn’t offer the same effect as the unhealthy ones. I’ve attended to lots of patients who have developed asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments after being exposed to the smell of unhealthy paint products so I know they are bad to pregnant women. The effects are frightening and you certainly don’t want to put yourself or a loved one into such an ordeal.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of natural paint products for you to choose from. Almost all major paint brands will have their own healthy paints. Natural paints work equally well as their toxic counterparts. They are long-lasting, beautiful and completely free from the dangerous chemicals that can be found on conventional paint products. They work just like the traditional paint on your air compressor (click this link for more information about air compressors).

Some manufacturers even claim that their products are safe even for pregnant women or newborns. As a nurse, I would not really recommend exposing vulnerable populations (pregnant women, infants, individuals with illness, and seniors) to excessive chemical scent, even if they are said to be toxic-free. We are unsure about what chemicals could be inhaled from the paint and how it can affect the growing baby inside you. So it is still best to stay safe and keep away from newly painted rooms. As for people who have no health problems, natural paints should have no negative health effects.

Usually, natural paints cost a little over the conventional paint, but not prohibitively so. You may not be able to find them in your local hardware, but they’re pretty easy to find over the internet.

These toxic-free paint alternatives can be made from minerals, plants, clay and milk-protein. Each of these materials will have unique characteristics. If you’re not an expert and want to DIY paint project, make sure to read about the paint product before using it. If there’s one limitation with natural paints, it’s that it is offered in a limited range of colors. However, these colors have a unique depth and complexity that is difficult to achieve with the regular paints. So, you can give your room a totally natural and unique look.

Cleaning up natural paints is also easier and faster. And since they are made from natural ingredients, you can safely rinse them down the sink or discard them in the garbage – these you cannot do with latex- and oil-based paints.