Surrounded by Signals

As a former nurse with a solid 20 years in the healthcare field, I’ve seen and heard a lot of things related to a person’s health. I’ve also watched as many of those things I heard in the past were utterly undone by things I would later hear. Just for one example that most people should be able to relate to, take a good look at eggs; it’s like the health community can’t decide whether they’re a miracle food or total trash for the body. Some knowledge from back then is a constant though, even today, decades later.

You might wonder what information from years ago would still hold true in a healthcare setting, and I’ll do you the favor of explaining right away. Anyone who has spent time in a hospital, whether working or being worked on in that environment, has probably seen all of the warning signs surrounding electronic equipment. Today more than ever before, we are literally surrounded by signals – infrared, microwave, radio, analog and digital signals, just to name a few. And that doesn’t even count cellular phone signals! Many of these signals can interfere with the function of life-saving medical equipment.

The air is filled with signals though, even though which aren’t harmful to electronic devices. For instance, have you ever heard of wireless door bells before? It might not seem like much, but each of those is sending out a signal along with every other wireless device interacting with anything. We are literally surrounded by signals on all sides, all day every day, and many of us just don’t realize the fact. If you ask me it has a lot to do with this weird illness called tinnitus, which causes painful ringing in the ears with no discernible explanation as to where it’s coming from. Learn more here about bells.

Well, I think I’ve got that all figured out. Of course, nobody wants to say anything bad about all this super convenient technology we have today which improves our lives and makes working easier. But the fact remains that even a hundred years ago, we didn’t have 90% of the signals being transmitted through the air that we have now, today. I’m no scientist. I can’t definitely tell you there is some correlation between all these signals floating around and the headaches and other strange maladies people suffer from. I can just tell you what I see, and this is what I see.

If you find yourself suffering from regular migraines and headaches, I’d suggest finding as many devices as you can around your home and powering them down. Then you can test for yourself if you feel any significant difference without the flood of signals you’re usually exposing your brain to just by living your day-to-day life. I’d love for anyone who tries this to come and comment about it, maybe share some of your experience with the rest of us. This isn’t a case study by far, but gathering a bunch of testimonials could still prove or disprove what I’m thinking here.